Zehus hub review & production update

The Zehus bike short review

This is a short review of the “Zehus bike” hub, please note that this is not the bike+ product. For more detailed information about the hub please visit Zehus website http://www.zehus.it/products/

Zehus is a all in one solution for E-bikes. This means that all components are inside the hub. It uses an app to that is called “Bitride” to control the hub. You can search for it on google play or app store. The hub features a 250w motor with a 160wh battery.

We tested the hub for one day during a cold winter day. Here is a video from the day:

We recommend the hub to our backers and future customers. There are both negative and positive aspects about the hub, here are some pros and cons:


-All in one place, no separate battery needed or cables that are in the way.

-Well made app for power adjustments.

-Regenerative braking function.

-More affordable than Superpedestrian AKA. Kopenhagenwheel

-The hub has an option for gears but only for 135mm OLD  (We use only 120mm OLD, so gears are not available from us.)

-Quite light for a e-bike unit (3kg)


-Still more expensive than some other E-bike kits.

-A bit heavy on the rear wheel of the bike, but we didn’t notice the handling got worse.

-The hub needs the app to connect and turn it on, this can be a negative thing if you phone runs out of battery.

-Short battery time. But still enough for distances up to 30km according to their website. (The distance highly depends on the power settings.)

The overall experience was really good, we recommend this hub to all of our our backers and future customers. Mainly we recommend it for the users that needs a little extra power for riding upward hills and users that have too long distance to work for a traditional bike.

Thank you for your support and patience!


4 responses to “Zehus hub review & production update”

  1. Daniel Mok says:

    When would a FUBi-fixie with Zehus bike+ be available in the future?

  2. Laia says:

    Hello, good morning!

    Are you gonna have the e-bike available again?


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