We open up for more orders & The final look

Hey Everyone,

The purpose was to close the orders on Indiegogo since we are close to delivery. But after receiving a lot of inqueries, we decided to open up one last time at a reduced prices. Since the product is made in Finland and became to cost more to produce then we planed for. We now had to set the final price a bit higher than planned.

The final retail price was set to 750€ before for the single speed version and a bit higher for the 3- speed version.

We now plan to sell the bike at a retail price at 850€ for the single speed and a bit higher for the  3-speed version.

The estimated delivery date is now the end of the year.

Here you can still get a ~30% of  with limited spots:


Here is the final look of the products:

Finished frames

FUbi fixie folding bike frames

 White 55cm model

matte black 55cm model



White folded

Folded bike white

Matte black folded

Fubifixie folded black


Close up of parts

fubifixie brake Disc brakeIMG_20190829_172554 IMG_20190829_172605

3 speed fubifixie

Thank you for your support!


4 responses to “We open up for more orders & The final look”

  1. Jae Seong Lee says:

    I missed the chance. what can I do?

  2. Frantz Vidal says:

    I just saw this and apparently missed it.
    I would want to buy the frame.
    How may I do that?
    When would it be available for the general public if I can’t get one through Indiegogo?

    • Juhani says:

      At moment we only have 3speed bikes left on Indiegogo.
      After Indiegogo you can get it on our site.

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