The latest design

Hey Everyone,

We have been working on the newest improvements on the  frame. We were never satisfied with the end result with the 2019 model frame, it had some major flaws. Now we have finally gotten to the final solution we always wanted to achieve.

We have done some major changes which include:
1. Different locking mechanism, a completely different handle, with nothing sticking out from the frame.
2. Different solution for holding the diagonal stay in place when the frame is folded (before we had a magnet.)
3. This frame model can be made of steel or titanium. The titanium will be completely corrosion free with stainless steel and titanium parts on the frame. (The titanium frame can fit the marine market as well.)

This is how it will start to look like.

We still have some small changes to make, mainly to make the frame fit a 1 1/8” fork and changes to the dropouts. We plan to have dropouts which can fit both derailleur hubs and internal gear hubs.

One response to “The latest design”

  1. henrik molina says:

    Dear Fubifixie team,

    What happened? Are you still working on your design/concept. This summer I have had by FubiFixie for 3y. Logging ~2000km per year. The crank and fork is crap but I still love the bike. It is super! Will there ever come a Version 2?

    Hope you are well!
    Many greeting from the New York City area.


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