New upgrades & the future

Hey everyone,

Thank you for the last feedback you gave in the comments and emails. We have now got an good idea of what you want.

The Future

The company that has developed the bike has gotten into problems due to Covid and other reasons. We have decided to not continue on the same path. We are currently looking for partner who can manufacture and distribute the bike. For anyone who is interested, you can read more about it here

In the meantime we will change direction and develop the frame further for local production.

The previous steel version frame was made to about 80% in Finland but some key components was outsourced over seas.

Additional new updates to the bike

In the last update you can read about the improvements for the 2021 model. Now we have even more developments, also with a carbon fiber frame we also have some more free hands to change designs.

This are the further improvements we plan on implementing:

1. Frame made for 1 1/8″ steering tube.
2. The frame compatible with disc brake for both 26″ and 28″ wheels.
3. Eccentric bottom bracket with vertical dropouts (will work for hubs with derailleurs as well)
4. Improved diagonal stay and quick release solution as shown area in picture bellow. (This solution we can’t disclose details on yet)

5. With few modifications we have now been able to get the folding size smaller (86x75x31cm). We have a stay to protect the seat tube, and a holder for the seat post. This smaller folding size is possible with: removable pedals, shorter fork and folding handle bar (folding handlebar not shown yet)

In this video it shows how it folds more compact than before.

Here are some other folding bikes sizes to compare with:

Fubi 28” wheels (86x75x31cm)
Tern verge p10 20” wheels    (80x75x46cm)
Bike friday 20” wheels  (95x61x25cm)
IF mode 26” wheels (95x66x27cm)
Birdy 18” wheels (80x62x34cm)<

Feel free to comment with feedback.

/The fubiteam

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