Limited orders now open!

Hey everyone,

We now open up for few limited orders. We have by now shipped to most of our backers. Because we haven’t shipped to all backers yet we will only offer a few for sale for a limited time.

We now have 3 different frame sizes, two different colors and a single or 3-speed hub to choose from.

The frame size 55cm doesn’t have open-able chain stay and can’t be fitted with belt drive.

The frame size 52cm and 58cm have open-able chain stay and can be fitted with belt drive.

The final product

Here is the final product in work in Finnish cold winter:

(52cm black frame with 3-speed gear hub + gates belt drive).

Please note: The belt drive is  not offered yet on our web shop.





Thank you for your support!



2 responses to “Limited orders now open!”

  1. yuki says:

    Will you sell Ahead Stem Frame instead of Thread Stem in the future?

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