First bikes & frames ready

Hey Everyone,

We have now mounted the first frames (11pcs) and bikes, we got the first 100 frames from the paint shop, the model 55cm.
We did this as a test assembly, we will weld all the frames ready before we start assembly all frames.

The color that has been used are:

White: RAL 9010

Matte black: RAL 9005

Please note that we will send out all products at once, so we will make all frame sizes first. So far the 55cm are ready and the 58cm are ready for paint job. We have now produced total of 200 frames.
At the moment we are making the 52cm frame (100pcs) and it should ready soon.

Also this month all bike parts (wheel set, crank set, handlebar and so on) arrived in a container.

Fubi bike parts

100 pieces of 58cm frame ready for painting

58cm frame ready for painting

Here are some pictures

First 11 frames assembled

Fubi fixie folding frames

55cm model forks and other frame parts painted

Fubifixie painted forks

55cm rear frame part painted

Rear frame pars


Thank you for your support!


13 responses to “First bikes & frames ready”

  1. James says:

    As a backer on Indiegogo, how can I specific the size I need?

  2. Michael says:

    I was late on backing u guys, and when I was about to, everything was sold out. How do I get one? I’m a 55cm.

  3. Raphaël says:

    Hi! For the frame only perk, when could I hope to have it ?
    Nice job.

  4. Conor says:

    I alsoi backed on IndieGoGo and receive the update emails, but have not received any email asking for me to choose a size. Can you please confirm when this was sent and from what email address, so I can confirm if I have recieved?
    In the event that I have not received an email, can you please let me kniow how to submit my preferences?

    Many thanks

  5. Grace says:

    Hi – has anyone received their bike yet?

    • Juhani says:


      As stated in the post we will send out all at once. Its more cost effective and convenient for us. And more fair to all backers.

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