EuroBike Jury Statement

“The FUBI brings a novel folding mechanism to what at first sight appears to be a conventional frame. Available in three different frame sizes, it uses steel as the main material to keep costs low.”

Folding bikes that looks and rides like normal bikes

The basic idea with the folding frame was to make minimal changes to the existing diamond frame design. The result is a: beautiful designed bike that is simple in construction, folds small and rides like any other full size bike.


The frame

  • Three frame sizes: 52,55 & 58cm.
  • Built for both disc brake and caliper brakes.
  • Open-able chain-stay (for belt drive).
  • Eccentric bottom bracket or sliding dropouts.
  • Rear vertical/thru axle dropouts with disc brake
  • 1 1/8″ threadless fork.
  • O.L.D: 100mm front and 135mm rear.
  • Material: Cr-mo steel or titanium
  • Weight:  ~3kg in steel and ~1.5kg in titanium
  • Built for ISO 622 or ISO 559 wheels.
  • The frame consists of five different frame parts, extra diagonal stay for stability.


  • Folds exceptionally small for a full size bike (86x75x31cm with a folding handle bar.)
  • Folds in 5-20 sec.
  • Patented frame technology.
  • The frame has been tested according to ISO 4210 standard and is safe to use.
  • Experience the best riding performance among folding bikes.
  • The bicycle is designed in Finland.
  • The frame accepts standard bicycle parts.
  • Fits all rear hubs between 110-135mm.

For investors

The project is for sale!


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